Dentures in Carrollton, GA

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The Dental Center of Carrollton offers many options to our patients who have lost some or all of their natural teeth – whether it be from injury, tooth decay or gum-related disease – replacing missing teeth with dentures in Carrollton, GA can offer tremendous benefits for your overall appearance and oral health.

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What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable appliances that can be used to provide you with a functional chewing surface and help restore your oral health, appearance, and confidence. At The Dental Center of Carrollton, we offer the following types of dentures:


Previously, Conventional Dentures were the most common option when a patient sought to regain a functional chewing surface. This option utilizes a fully removable denture fitted to your specific needs by our dentist in Carrollton, GA.


Our dentists will make models of your jaw based on the measurements he/she obtains during your preliminary visit, that way you can get back to enjoying your life as quickly as possible after your placement appointment.

Partial Denture

Depending on the current state of your oral health, some of your teeth may be saved to help preserve your jawbone and offer structural support for the denture. Once our dentists have prepared your partial dentures, they will fit over a select number of your natural teeth. Regarding function, partial dentures serve a similar purpose to that of dental implants.

Teeth in a Day Procedure

Our Dentists work closely with an implant specialist to define the timing and prepare all the necessary components to achieve a beautiful functioning smile done in one day. This option is typically more cost-effective than restoring a full mouth with traditional methods such as crowns in Carrollton, GA or bridges.

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